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  1. This is a snapshot of the account after closing the ANF and TGT trades. The margin call was issue at the market opening today July10th, Thursday.

    Friday, the margin call will go away. Daytrading buying power should be back at 130K+ with no open trades.

    Good Luck to all.. :)
    #11     Jul 10, 2003
  2. No trades today Fri 7/11.

    Worked last night at my real job and slept all throughout the day only to catch a glimpes at the market close. Glad to see the market up today, which will provide for less risky short setups on Monday.

    No open trades heading into Mon 7/14.
    #12     Jul 11, 2003
  3. trades from Mon. 7/11

    Short 1K TGT 39.40
    Covered 1K TGT 38.85 (+550)

    11 straight trades for winners, all short sells.
    #13     Jul 15, 2003
  4. trades from tues 7/15

    Short 1K MRK 62.50
    Short another 1K MRK 62.23 (short 2K MRK avg at 62.365)

    Covered 2K MRK 62.20 (+330) half an hr before the close. MRK closed at 61.89.

    MRK LOD was 61.30!!!!!! I had let close to 2K+ in gains turn into +330!! TRAILING STOPS!???!??!?!? TAKE PARTIAL GAINS??? SCALE OUT??!???

    Boy oh boy can someone please knock some sense into me!!

    Freakin' tried to hit the ball out of the damn county!??!??

    Oh well getting a little too emotional here... its all part of trading.

    12 consecutive trades for winners, all short sells.
    #14     Jul 15, 2003
  5. trades from Wed. July 16th

    Short 1K TGT 39.36
    Short 1K TGT 39.30

    Covered 2K TGT 39.12 (+420)

    Another poor job at taking profits. Had let over half of my intraday profits vanquish.

    13 straight winners, all short sells.
    #15     Jul 16, 2003
  6. no trades on thurs 7/17.

    slept and miss the bulk of the action. market is pretty much dead after lunch.
    #16     Jul 17, 2003
  7. trades from Fri. 7/18 - Mon 7/21

    Fri 7/18
    Short 1K ANF 31.82
    Short 1K ANF 31.88
    Short 1K ANF 32.22

    Mon 7/21
    Covered 3K ANF 31.97 for break even(before commission)

    So I'm still at 13 straight winners, all short sells.
    #17     Jul 22, 2003
  8. trades from 7/22 Tues.

    Short 1K SLB 47.05
    Short 1K SLB 46.80

    SLB LOD is 46.03 and closed at 46.40

    Broke my systems rule by not taking profit intraday and playing the earnings report due out after the bell.

    SLB exceeded earnings. Can't wait to get burn due to GREED this Wed. morning when SLB gap up in big fashion..

    Oh well.. make the trade and move on.
    #18     Jul 23, 2003
  9. trades from Wed July 23.

    Covered 2K SLB 46.05 (+1740)

    Pure luck on this one but i'll take luck like this anyday!

    14 straight for winners, all short sells.
    (break evens are not factored in to the win streak and thus is not counted)
    #19     Jul 23, 2003
  10. trades from july21-july23 Mon-Wed.
    #20     Jul 23, 2003