LSU & OSU for championship game

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  1. Just my opinion but I don't really want to see a 9-6 rematch with Alabama for the championship game. Oklahoma State / LSU would be a much better game to watch.
  2. AGREE :cool:
  3. +1

    Saban had his chance. Alabama lost AT HOME. No way should they get another chance. Plus, Saban is a scumbag.

    Let's see the LSU defense vs. Blackmon and the OSU offense!
  4. LSU would beat Okielite 52-14
  5. Wallet


    There's many an Aggie fan that would love a chance to hang a loss on Les Miles. He burned several bridges when he left OSU for LSU.
  6. It's Alabama vs LSU, not exactly must see football.
  7. I agree OSU should be in there!



    Maybe next year...
  8. They made a great hire with Urban Meyer, good chance he will give the program a chance to compete for a championship or two, especially with the recruiting Ohio has. Washington State did well also with Mike Leach, it'd be tough for them to go for a national championship but they should improve greatly.
  9. I am a huge college football fan, but this BCS crap has to stop. Bad enough we get stuck with a bullshit rematch of a boring game for the championship, but some of the other bcs bowls are complete shit shows too.

    Who wants to see a Michigan team who had a cupcake schedule (Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Minnesota, Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern, Iowa, San Diego st.) C'mon. They even had 8 home games and only 4 road games (where they only went 2-2).

    They get a Va. Tech squad who got blown out twice by Clemson and hasn't beaten a good team in years.

    Boise st. and Kansas st. got screwed big time.

    Clemson vs. W. Virginia is a joke. I know they're automatic bids, but who really is going to watch that game?

    I will not watch the "national championship" game this year out of protest. Take that Nielsen ratings! :)
  10. LOL, Urban Meyer, train wreck in progress..
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