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  1. Anyone know what happened to Lightspeed(MarketXT)?
  2. murphy


    As far as I know, LSPD/MKXT has been pulled after Etrade bought They will tell you it's a technical glitch but don't believe them. I have friends at Tradescape and it was shutdown to due pending investigation. The CEO of Tradescape was recently fired and they are investigating the volume that was generated by XT. In the end, they will find that 90% of the volume was generate internally and no one is paying them to use this ecn. Good time to short ET.
  3. You mean TweedleDee sold to Tweedledum? And then the reverse?

    I'm horrified.

  4. Steve72


    Piss ant liquidity adders buying/selling from/to each other all day long. Talk about a pyramid concept....I love it.
  5. since lspd was pulled I have yet to make any money I used to trade for liwuidity all the time
  6. I heard LSPDs last invoices to a number of large US houses were returned to them and they are outta cash.....
  7. Scammers.

    Game over.
  8. good. now all we need to get rid of are trac and attn, and ntrd
  9. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    amen especialy those worthless attn roaches
  10. a 16 bucks per 1000, i would love to see ntrd go away for good.
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