LRCX a $7 round trip in ah.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Damn,
  2. Somebody must have given the wrong answer on the call.
  3. funny thing is there was an aggressive seller(s) on the way up at only 49. Looked dumb for a while.

    Hit 51, hope he sold some there too.
  4. i was in this piece of shit, just below 51 and humongous sell orders kept a lid on it, every time the stock rallied above 51, price was met with sell orders all over the grid...some1 knew somethin'.
  5. lol, what did you expect after it had ramped $3? 51 was already stretched out.

    You bought the top of the move.

    They sold ALL the way up, not just at 51.
  6. caught this one late, expected to see 10-12% gains, not unusual. got out quick tho, less than 10c loss, so no big whoop and was a tiny trade just for fun.

    yeah, it was pressurized, i felt uneasy infact, somethin' smelled funny up there.
  7. take a look at the long term chart. This thing was right up near all time highs, very rare for a tech stock that was part of the bubble years.