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    I like LPHI. It has been in IBD's "stocks in the news" lately. Has great fundamentals, ie, last 8 quarterly earnings over 15%, 256% annual eps growth, has been finding support at it's 50dma. A little thin with only 150k average daily volume. I'm watching for it to move back above the 50dma on above average volume.:)
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    Your a little late. If your following O'neil's method's its way past the buy point. I got a few nice trades out of it, one from $28.50 to $33 and the other from $32.50 to $40.00. It's gotten a bit too well followed now though for my liking and it's probably just about getting ready to beat the piss out of the late ariving crowd.
  3. long time Sho stock. could keep going.
  4. seems the life expectancy of this turd was quite limited.

    I've been all over this short.