lowtrades / Just2trade - PDT rule etc

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by candles, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. candles


    I have only just heard of lowtrades.com and just2trade.com (I believe they are related brokers?)

    Does anyone here have accounts with them?

    Am I right in thinking that you can daytrade with them, without
    having to put up the $25k usually required under the pdt rule? (if so, how can they do this?)

    Any other info?

  2. GTC


    Where did you hear such things?
  3. candles


    Just through googling "pdt restrictions" I came across a board where someone said you can trade as many times as you want with just2trade with a $2000 account.

    I then went to their site and couldn't see any mention of the 25k usually required....

    Could be wrong though....
  4. candles


    oh well :(

    Upon more reading it looks as if that person was wrong and you still need the usual $25k...... Never mind.
  5. candles


    Yep. You're right. Just have to get more money.

    Just that for a second I thought i'd found someone who allows you to trade as much as you like without loads of extra fees / expensive commissions etc.... Never mind.
  6. just get a series 7...