Lowry's Update

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  1. Russell 3000 August 23:

    Points down: 92.86%
    Volume Down: 85%


    Points down: 96.27%
    Volume down: 89.31%
  2. Seems like the low readings are coming easier. I've noticed public short sales as a percentage of professional short sales rising, though I don't have a great deal of data. I'll post the chart...
  3. Chas,please put a reference to what the numbers represent on the xls. file.
  4. Russell 3000:

    Points down: 90.7%
    volume down 87.35%

    points down: 94.55%
    volume down: 90.88%

    Friday and today, huge distribution days, almost 90% each day.

    Early July had similar % days.
  5. Dgabriel, the chart of Specialist/Public short volume and Member/Public short volume was what I was aiming to post. Do want me to decipher all my other abreviations for you?

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the Lowry's. The volume is so light this week, I may just sit out the rest of the month. In any case, I'm being extra cautious.
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  7. Babak


    "Desmond, president of researcher Lowry's Reports, says 92.2 percent of total volume on the NYSE Tuesday was negative. Total points lost among the stocks that traded reached 94.2 percent."
  8. Russell 3000

    Points down: 90.9%
    Volume down: 88.8%

    Another big day from the Lowry point of view, and following 9/3, a confirming piece of date that a new leg of the Bear is upon us.

    I was away on vacation 9/3 so I did not run the numbers.
  9. Russell 3000 for 9/3:

    Points down: 96%
    Volume down: 94.2
  10. Thanks gentlemen.
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