Lowest share size without running into problems

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  1. Say you were using Tradestation as your platform/broker of choice.

    Which is the lowest share size allowed without running into odd size lot problems.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. vikana

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    that would be 100 shares
  3. Thank you Vikana.

    I thought I could go lower, apparently not.

  4. You can go lower. It would be considered an odd lot but most brokers don't charge extra any more for odd lots, and there is certainly no problem getting filled.
  5. bespoke


    But if you're a pattern day trader you'll soon receive some nasty emails.
  6. just market odd lots to the specialists....they LOVE it! :D
  7. they love it because they can rip you off? or is that sarcasm for they really dont like doing it? I've heard nyse specialists have to fill at the last price, is that what you're getting at?

    just to be clear, if you are a ptd already, you'll get crap off someone for using odd lots? from who, your broker? why do odd lots matter to pdt accounts more so than regular accounts?

    serious questions... come on, help a piker out.
  8. My understanding is that with some firms, you can trade 50 shares, while with others anything less than 100 is strictly prohibited. I think even with the firms where you can trade 50 shares on ECNs, if you send your odd lot to the nyse specialist, they get pissed off - especially on thin stocks.
  9. I think specialists have bigger shit to worry about then sending someone a nasty email for sending them odd lots.
  10. Sit in WBD with 93 shares on the bid and offer and see how long you can play that game before you get a phone call warning you that your trading privileges will be revoked if you continue your shenanigans.
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