Lowest Price Paid for MultiCharts >> 6 Months

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  1. Looking to buy the software, but will not pay full retail. I know they run discount specials(think they even had a Black Friday promotion) but am tired of used car responses or lack there of from their sales department.

    So....if you have purchased MC in the last 6 months, how much did you pay?
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    As a long-time Multicharts user--one who has experienced, firsthand, their extraordinary customer service and dedication to Getting It Right--let me just say that your post kind of grosses me out.

    No offense.
  3. I agree.

    I totally gun for sales and such when a good quality product is available on the cheap. But there's a world of difference between being a frugal consumer and what this guy is doing...
  4. My intention is that the price has gone up 50% since late last summer....for what improvements? It is a good product, but they are diversifying into late stage unsustainable price increases.....to support.... BS webinars...Sunny Harris and Joe Krustifinger? What a waste of money.....

    I'm glad that you both are happy customers at $1497 a pop. When the product verification server goes dark, good luck.
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    Multicharts was underpriced for a very long time as the developers sought to establish a beachhead in the marketplace. The current price is a bit more in-line with comparable (although I would argue lesser) offerings from other developers. At this price, by the way, yes, I consider it to be a great value.

    As for "what improvements"...well, heck, they're constantly improving the damn thing. But how about the 64-bit version 8 currently in beta? It's STUNNING.

    If you trade seriously, the cost is not an issue; Multicharts will return your investment many times over. If trading is a hobby or something then, yeah, Multicharts might be too much of a commitment for now, in which case you may want to consider something like http://www.freestockcharts.com/
  6. Yes a great product worth every cent and no question outstanding support.
  7. From MultiCharts 3/19 Discussion Forum:

    Dear users,

    To address concerns about limitations of MultiCharts Discretionary Trader, and to focus efforts on improving our flagship product, MultiCharts DT is discontinued as of today. It will no longer be available for public downloading and support will no longer be provided. No new versions will be publicly available, although MCDT will remain as a private solution available through selected partners.

    We encourage all MCDT users to upgrade to the full MultiCharts license at attractive upgrade prices to continue getting latest features, updates and support. Contact our sales department for more details.

    Since this new development, the question still is out there.

    What are some of the prices that people have paid in the last 6 months and offers for their respective latest and greatest "upgrade prices?"

    ......upgrade pricing from their existing free software...? What????
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    Not sure exactly what Bella is trying to achieve but I can also vouch for MC. They have given me a lot of help, beyond their call of duty. I am very happy to recommend their software.
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    BellWeather makes a very good point. The lifetime license for a trading product means THEIR lifetime, not yours.

    The most likely reason for MultiCharts DT being discontinued is because it was cutting into their own sales since they gave you a trading interface to many different brokers. I think at-home discretionary traders out-number automated traders by a large margin and they don't necessarily need to develop their own custom indicators. Apparently, the MultiCharts developers found this out the hard way.
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