Lowest President job approval rating ever?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by a529612, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Who's the current record holder?
  2. This was already discussed in another thread. Truman holds the record for the lowest approval rating in modern opinion polls. He had 23% after he fired Gen. MacArthur during the Korean War. Nixon is a close 2nd with 24% just before he resigned.
  3. Arnie


    A better question would be... "Which President presided over the worst economy since WWII.

    Now that honor would go to Jimmy Carter. :D :D
  4. Not US though, but Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian has a current approval rating in the low double digits.
  5. I would also assume that President Idi Amin had not only a low approval rating, but bad taste in people..
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    Could he really help what the republican before him had done ?

    What party was president under the longest economic expansion in US history ?

    What party was president under the worst economy since 1900 ?