Lowest Margin Rates For Small Cap Stocks

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  1. IB is well known for having the lowest margin interest rates, but there is no margin allowed for stocks with a capitalization below $250 million.

    IB's list of US special margin stocks currently numbers 10,838.

    Which brokers have low margin rates for small cap stocks for debit balances over $250,000?

    The lowest I can find is 1.75% (broker call minus 0.25%).

    What else is out there?
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    Curious as well, who is the 1.75% option?
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    IB margin rates are truly the most under appreciated and underrated cost savings for a trader. For as long as you have been trading, you probably know every broker under the sun.

    My guess is that you have to make calls to private banks who will squeeze you into a brokerage relationship with those rates. It takes a large balance sheet. While you can find boutique brokers with unheard of rates, financing margin is a lot more difficult.

    Best of luck. Please share what you find.
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