Lowest IQ state also the most conservative...

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  1. WILL YOU DOLTS MAKE UP YOUR MIND????????????????

    (yes, this is a rhetorical question)

    Are "Conservatives" the:

    A) Evil Rich that should be taxed out of existence in the name of "fairness"
    B) Redneck Ignoramuses

    (EDIT: after reviewing your map, it's more evidence in support of my personal theory, ... cold weather demands high intelligence, or at the very least, a high degree of concentration on survival)
  2. If the lowest IQ states are the most conservative, how come the brokest states are the most liberal, like CA and NY? Something doesnt add up.
  3. CA got broke from capping property taxes. NJ's problems stem back to how Whitman shuffled the budget back in the 90's.

    The Super rich gravitate toward the republican party because conservatives are gullable (and stupid) people. You can tell these degenerates that raising the minimum wage causes unemployment, raising taxes on the rich hurts the economy, war is good for the economy, etc....

    Really, there really is no reason to associate with republicans other than viewing these people the same way you view the animals at the zoo.
  4. And here I thought that they went broke from spending more money than they took in which is something only idiots do.

    I cant believe you are really going to say that CA went broke because they didnt steal enough money from the taxpayers that own homes.

    But then again...you are a democrat so you would think that.
  5. Alabama's State Motto: Thank God for Mississippi.
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    I noticed that California, a hot bed of liberalism, has a lower average I.Q. 94.7 than GA 96.5 where I live now, TN 96.6 where I grew up and MO 98.7 where I was born.

    Then there is Nevada at 95.2, also well below average, where a bunch of dolts recently re-elected Harry Reid.
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    Jeezus you're fucking stupid.
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