Lowest Intraday Margins for emini's

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by wesj, Nov 27, 2002.

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    I need to open an account for the emini's, specifically for the S&P. I am looking for the lowest day trade margins for emini S&P.
    I've heard of some at $500 per contract, any suggestions?

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    ...hmmm, do I sense yet another crash and burn just ahead?
  4. What are their commissions and why do they not mention it on their website?
  5. My thoughts exactly, and then we may end up with yet another PDT rule, this time for futures, because of brokerages like that...
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    What do you suggest the min daytrading margin for ES be?

    Why would 50% of full margin be okay, but not say 30%, or 25% or even lower?
  7. I personally don't care how low it is, the problem is that with too low a margin many newbies will get burned and then we may get hit with another streak of regulations because futures are too risky and the public needs to be 'protected' from them.

    I believe that a reasonable margin for ES is $2,000 (intraday). If you cannot come up with that 'much' money, you should not be trading. $2,000 is already very low.
  8. Consider you don't want to risk more than 2% of you K on any trade.

    Consider you are very short term trader and you want to scalp ES with 1 point profit or loss.

    In this case, the margin would be 2500k.

    I would not daytrade ES with less than that.