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    Can anyone list reputable brokers with the lowest intraday es emini margin requirements? IB is currently 2K but I expect there are some much lower.


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  3. Globalfutures $300 ES but you will pay higher commissions instead of trading on $500 margins

    Mirus & Amp $500 ES

    and so many others..
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    The broker you see in the ad above your post: $500.
  5. Why would anyone need a $500 margin? That is leveraging yourself to a ridiculous degree. Just asking for problems.

    The leverage at 2k per contract is still pretty hefty. You could wipe an account in one day if you maxed out your margin even at IB's rates.
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    AMP Trading $400 daytrade margins on the es and low comissions with great support - can't beat it.
  7. Low intraday margins are worthless if your platform locks up and your orders don't get filled. Don't put so much value behind that.

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    depends how you are using it. I often use the $500 intra-day margin but not in terms of open positions. I will use it to have multiple pending limit orders on ES where it's important to be near the front of the line at S/R levels.

    So, while I may be using the aggressive margin so that I can have these orders pending simultaneously, I am only really in 1 trade at a time and not using anywhere near $500 margin as yes, that is a surefire path to destruction.

    and I'm at AMP and it's $400 currently on ES, ER2, etc
  9. Ya Think? On $2K margin, that's about 35:1.

    How many rookies, who have managed to scrape together $2,000, are going to be able to handle 35:1?

    I've been trading for years and wouldn't touch that. And with $500 margin, that's 140:1.... IN THE ES?... CRAZY!

  10. Agreed. Rookies should stear clear of that leverage.

    But for a pro why not? Lets say the guy only day trades the ES and doesnt wish to keep more than 10 or 15 in the account. I dont see anything wrong with that. Proven discipline of course.
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