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  1. Which firms are good for trading es future options?
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    Do the pit/floor trades include the other fees such as: clearing fee, floor broker commission fee, NFA fee, TOPS fee, etc?
  4. IB does not do floor options.
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    I believe IB has added floor/pit trading capabilitites recently
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    Bundled rate is all inclusive. Unbundled is not. You can trade pit futures on CME and CBOT and options on CME.
  7. It seems to me that the unbundled rate is always lower than the bundled rate even for small volume.

    One contract for unbundled rate is only 0.9 (exectution fee) + 0.3 (clearing fee) + 0.1 (carrying fee) = 1.3, and the closing position is 1.2 ( w/o carrying fee). So the rt is only 2.5. Am I right? Why would one use bundled is the unbundled rate is always lower?

    I also found the cancellation fee. Does it apply to cme exchange? I am only in intersted in es and er2 future options.
  8. Pit traded futures, not pit traded options.
  9. The carrying fee can add up with options. I guess it all depends on how long you're holding. 30 days isn't unusual for me, adding up to $3 per contract. The bundled rate eliminates that.
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    cancellation fee does not apply to CME.
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