Lowest commission costs (stocks vs. futures)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by esc_trader, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. Looking at the lowest transaction costs comparing r/t costs to tick size - there is, for example..

    Stocks: .01/sh. Spread: .01 (1.00)
    Emini ES: 4.80/rt (IB) Spread: $12.5 (0.384)
    Bond/Note futures: 4.80/rt (IB) Spread: $31.25 (0.1536)

    Is this accurate, or does anyone have any insights on the cheapest markets to trade? I prefer to compare rt costs to spread (value per tick) for scalping purposes.
  2. Aaron


    I think the e-mini Dow is cheaper to trade than the ES. At least through the end of the year. IB is passing the CBOT's fee holiday on to customers. Look atj IB's commission pages.
  3. somehow you need to factor volatility in there, as in average range for your time frame of choice, or some such.