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    Hey Everyone,
    Can anyone explain why LOW has gone up the past two days despite negative news on the earnings front, negative earnings news from it's rival HD, and overall negative Economic reports?
  2. 1) Short covering
    2) LOW, HD & BBY are expected to be some of the biggest beneficiaries of the tax rebate money in the Spring.
    3) The "Elliott Wave Guys" believe LOW will rally up to $30.
  3. Both trade at relatively the same p/e but their bonds are a little wider than I expected.

    HD 3/1/2016 5.4% coupon Price: 93.83 6.395%

    LOW 10/15/2016 5.4% coupon Price: 99.34 5.49%

    Interesting, maybe nothing.
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    Guess I'm the only one short here. I'm long an April put at $25.
  5. I used to build postions. My last one was firmly gripping my ankles with my hands.
  6. I heard the housing numbers having ok outlooks are helping boost home stores.
  7. HD bonds probably higher due to the hughes supply purchase issues