Lower Tax rate for Swing Trading Dividends

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  1. I always thought you had to hold a position for at least 31 consecutive days to get the lower dividend tax rates. But I read an article in motley fool that said I need only hold for 31 days "in total" during a 60 day period that includes the dividend. That's extreemly useful for me ... and probably lots of other swing traders out there. I for one never hold more than 5 days, but I often keep rebuying the same stuff I sell, so in a 60 day period, it's a pretty good bet that I was in the stock for 31 days. Anyway... check out the article at:


    I'm interested in knowing what any of you think about this article. I havn't been able to confirm or deny what this article says about dividends. I've read the IRS publications and they all seem pretty vague on wether swing traders can get the lower rates if they hold for 31 non-consecutive days.

    If there are any tax guru's out there that can help confirm or deny this motly fool article. Me and all the other swing traders at ET would greatly appreciate it!

    ...... motly fool article html code is attached.
  2. If it's worth it, try a consult with Robert Green or one of his staff