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    This is not the time to buy stocks. The very fact that the market closed below the November low, is enough of a sell signal in such a painfully bleak down market that the trend, as it usually is, is your friend.

    This is not a bad thing. The market rallied on the expectation of Obama’s address, and it is an uplifting message, one with a great deal of hope, in line with expectations, yet defying them still.

    The market will, however, head lower. Holding on to it and wishing it would rally is a kin to cheering change yet refusing to make any of your own. But, change is being made, change is happening, and defying that change will prolong the pain.

    The changes that are occurring that will bring financial prosperity and a strong economic engine, might not be made by the companies that have spent the last few decades creating the structures and expectations we finally recognize need to be changed.

    Globalization has been abused in spreading the ills of highly productive industrial revolution to the rest of the world like a cancer. We’ve been told for so long how terrible the multi-nationals are, don’t be surprised if they aren’t doing well in a changed economy. Also don’t be surprised if your local credit union is picking up customers, or consider investing in a municipal bond.

    Of course, there will be companies who may still perform. But, perform may remain relative, as a market for carbon becomes more important than a market for dollars. Or, what companies are going to do the best job at turning carbon into dollars. I suspect you won’t find many in the Dow 30, not surprising, the average induction year of those 30 companies is 1962.

    Invest local, don’t be greedy.
  2. 5800 on the Dow by April.

    A completely random, pulled out my ass, guess.

    Let's see if I am lucky.