Lower priced data options beside eSignal

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  1. Using eSignal for data can get very expensive very quickly if you add a lot of futures exchanges.

    Are there any other data providers that people recommend that provide good data at a lower cost than eSignal?

    Thanks for any recommendations you may have.
  2. Would depend on what specific exchanges you need since eSignal tends to have more than most others.

    IQFeed covers US futures and some others. http://www.quotetracker.com/iqfeed
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    i use futuresource.com

    try www.prorealtime.com - similar to esignal interms of functionality, and only costs spare change.

    never used it, but some rate it highly.
  4. IB data feed with Ensign software.

    Can't beat it, I've used every program around just about.

    I had more problems with Esignal than I ever had with the IB feed.
  5. You probably didn't test Tradestation then.
  6. So then what do you use for historical data? With IB data feed you only get the data for the time period that your computer is on correct?
  7. IB has 5 day backfill (1 minute OHLC)
  8. So using IB's free data I can go back up to five days on as low a time frame as 1 minute charts? Even without keeping my computer on?
  9. Correct
  10. Thanks! That is very cool.
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