Lower Left to Upper Right 3 (MNST)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cactiman, May 6, 2012.

  1. Steady money maker, good times or bad?
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  2. Bob111


    chart looks good,but what if someone dies from it or someone wins a huge class action case against it? (just a hypothetical example)
    i would never drink this s**t..it's a poison
  3. I tried my first can the other day, which I got on discount from the 99 Cent Store.
    The greenish liquid, foam and "laughing gas" it's pressurized with, actually tasted pretty good.
    BUT... a couple of hours later I felt like my head was going to explode and I'd have a heart attack any minute.
    I also couldn't sleep all night.
    No more of that piss for an old man like me, but let the kids can keep gulping it down all they want.
    Meanwhile, until one of them does drop dead, I'll just keep adding to my Long Position!
  4. Of course I don't want anyone to die from it, and I'm amazed it's even legal!
    The most bizarre thing was the spike it made the other day when it was rumored KO was going to buy them out.
    Was lucky enough to be watching at the time, so I closed my position for some extra profit, and then reopened it a couple of days later.
    Anyway, that will probably happen for real one day and MNST will be absorbed into a much less exciting chart for Coke - too bad.
  5. Bob111


  6. MNST up 9% today. No one trading her?
  7. I'm still Long, thankfully. Might add to position next week.

    CHICAGO (MarketWatch) -- Shares of Monster Beverage were rising fast Thursday, tacking on more than 10% the morning after the energy drink firm posted sharp spikes in profit and revenue that sailed past Wall Street expectations. The company also reported a 53.1% gross margin, a gain of 100 basis points and has been the topic of speculation about a possible takeover bid by Coca-Cola KO +0.82% . "Overall, we believe demand for Monster Energy MNST +8.97% remains robust and continue to estimate sustained low double-digit sales growth over the next 3-5 years resulting from further U.S. share gains, innovation, and international expansion," wrote Mark Astrachan of Stifel Nicolaus in a note to investors. Shares rose $6.58 to $71.89 in morning action.
  8. Went further Long in MNST. Showing lots of Relative Strength on a very Bad Day.