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  1. IQFeed is a fantastic feed for the price, but I'm having problems coping with their latency (around 60ms ping, because their data center is in Nebraska). If the market moves quickly, say because of a multi-level ISO order, what happens is that the move happens faster than I can even see it and react to it. In some symbols, I can't trade because this latency is just too high.

    However, IQFeed gives me access to all the regional quotes. Sterling will only give me access to 4 books (ARCA, BATS, EDGA, EDGX).

    Is there an alternative feed/broker that'll give me the big picture (at the very least: DirectEdgeA, DirectEdgeX, ARCA, BATS Z, BATS Y, NYSE, NASDAQ, NASDAQ BX) and give this to me in under 5-10ms to a server running in/around New Jersey?

    I basically want exactly what I have in IQFeed, but with less latency. NxCore suffers from the same problem (Nebraska).
  2. I am not sure what you want is real.

    First, you say "as you can see". ;) Seriously? ;) If 5 or 10ms make a difference there, then you are VERY concentrated, all the time. Likely you loose 5ms alone in your link to your ISP backbone ;)

    The main problem is you ask for US multi exchange stock trades. This is complex - because they are not all on the same location, THe most likely position for a ticker plant is somewhere in between them all. If you assume exchange on all 4 corners, you have a good reason for putting the feed consolidation into Nebraska. Now, if you only trade "local exchanges" (i.e. one or more that are geographically close,) it is better for you to put te feed consolidation there, but if you trade all over them, then it sort of has to be put into the middle, to get a "relatively similar" delay to all of them.

    My map of the USA shows Nebraska quite in the middle ;)

    If you take that in, then I think your problem is not solvable except you move to Nebraska and reduce the latency from the consolidation to yourself. Possibly with automated trading somewhere there.

    Or you start limiting yourself exchange wise and cut out parts, then look for a limited provider so that you solve the geographical issue, which can otherwise not resolve - quantum teleportation sort of is only something the big HFT hedge funds have, and they pay all the scientists to tell us it does not exist yet ;)
  3. I'm not sure what I want is real either, at least at a price point that makes sense for what I'm doing.

    I basically need top of book quotes + trades for the major exchanges with someone who has a server somewhere near/around the major colocation facilities in New Jersey, 5-10ms (average) is "good enough", although faster is better. (When I say 5-10ms, I mean from the quote provider, not the quote origin, BUT with the constraint that the quote provider himself is located centrally near all the exchanges.)

    Obviously, the best solution is getting my own fiber, colocating at the exchange, spending a few million dollars and go become a full blown HFT player.

    I was looking for some solution to improve reaction time so I could expand my symbol universe to things that are traditionally too fast for retail, but this may not be a realistic expectation.
  4. But your problem is not "new york", your problem is "the exchanges" which are NOT all in New York.

    If you want super fast only new york:

    * Get a limited feed (Which is not what you want)
    * Automate and
    * Colocate in new york.

    This is what I do - I trade ONLY CME Chicago. My server is in chicago. My feed comes from the ticker plant in chicago.

    That ONLY works because for me it is "only chicago", but you say you want ALL exchanges with 5-10ms, and that is a physical impossibility. An all exchange feed is BEST located somewhere in... nebraska ;)
  5. The only feeds that matter to me all have matching engines and feed servers in New Jersey.

    NASDAQ, DirectEdge, BATS, NYSE, ARCA are all in NJ.
  6. Great. Then say so and then look for a feed that is local ;) there must be some ;) Check whether some specialized colocation can offer you direct multicast quotes from them,
  7. i believe the ET user WinstonTJ has a service that may be along the lines of what you want.
  8. Windston can provide machiens in New York - the feed problem... maybe he knows a good feed that processes local.
  9. WinstonTJ also offers l1/l2 data service. dont know the details.

    you can also check out savvis.
  10. There are allot of places to colo. You can even rent out a cloud just find one near the exchange on google :)
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