Lower commission and tigher spread

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  1. Dear trading friends,

    Am currently working with a global brokerage firm to expanding their market in Singapore; my purpose is clear, to acquire more clients; Of course, I cannot named the firm here publicly.

    I guarantee that Clients introduced through me are enjoy the best services and bet the commission fees and spreads whatever you receiving right now.

    The firm is global firm, with physical present in Singapore; it provides you global markets access, and offering the most comprehensive products line for you to trade.

    Your fund is secured; it both regulated by SGX and foreign regulator bodies.

    World class and powerful trading platform with easily usage application for you

    Lower commission fees that guarantee bet your exciting brokers, tighter spread for FX, options etc (by providing evidence of your fees statement)

    Whichever you are new or have existing relationship with a broker, I like to hear from you, interesting and ready parties please PM me with the following details.

    Products you want to trade, related fees and spread that you have right now, and the name of you current brokers, your current opening positions status and your contract detail (email or telephone which ever you feel comfort with), once I have those in detail, I shall discuss with my firm, and provide you with the information you need to contracts in order to open your account and position transfer on behalf of you.

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