Low volume stocks, real moves?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by white, Sep 6, 2001.

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    Its seems to me that all the big cap stocks that move right with the nas futures are the most difficult to trade, mm's playing games, more day traders etc. Would it be better to trade stocks that are lower volume (3-5 mill sh). The one's I have seen don't trade every day, may 1/2 point move. But once every week or two an institutional order will come in, and the stock will move one or two points without many headfaks because the mm's can't hide the order. Tell me what you think.

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  2. I agree. I am almost never involved in anything that trades more than 2 mil shares or so daily.
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    Has it been working for you the past few months?
  4. "Its seems to me that all the big cap stocks that move right with the nas futures are the most difficult to trade"

    If these stocks do in fact "move with the futures" then how are they so hard to trade? Simple, buy when futures go up, sell when futures go down. Actually these are EASY to trade for this very reason. INTC, MSFT, etc are good trade candidates in this respect. Do you really want to trade some thin issue that gets stomped cause some Big Guy right out of nowhere selling, knocking it down??? Not me! No thanks!

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  5. White, that's mostly what I trade, and I do well at it. Whenever I get involved in something pretty liquid, I loose all my advantages in tape reading.
  6. If your "tape reading skills" are so effective, then how come you made a whopping $77 bucks today? Weren't you "reading the tape" today? Seems to me you would have scored much better if that "tape reading" of those thin issues was so great. You read the tape to help you with entry...right? But you get stopped out more often than not...right also? So where's the great predictive value when it's wrong more than right?? I dont get it. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  7. Shortnfool- This will be my only response to you. I have tried to deal with you in a well thought out manner, but still the nature of your posts is vindictive and rude. If you'd like my input, or explanation of my thoughts, please ask. If you continue in this manner, I'll just ignore you. How much did you make today? How much have you made this week? How much this year?
    I don't make money every day. In actuality, I made like 5 trades all day. Nothing was too attractive for me. My main loss was just on gps where I lost about 2k. I really can't read something that liquid all that well, but thought I had good insite into the trade. I lost about 400 on one other trade. Everything else was a push except for 2500 I made on bgc. My tape reading skills were very accurate on the rest of the trades today. Tape reading isn't all of it anyway. I often cue off of charts and forget what the next quarter point holds. I can't read every specialist, just most of them.
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    If these stocks do in fact "move with the futures" then how are they so hard to trade?

    They’re harder to trade because there are more games being played. When there is a real order the mm’s can’t hide the order. Shortnfool, how many headfakes and false breakout do you see everyday in high volume stocks? Low volume might not trade as much, but when they do trade most of the time its for real.

    On a personal note, I have read some of your post and most are good, but you should take a more professional tone ( I’m sure you will respond with sarcasm, but I thought I would give you my two cents ).
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    Would you mind giving me a little insight to your trading mythology? Do you use futures at all? If you don' t want to I understand.


  10. I really don't watch futs much, maybe one glance every 20 mins or so. I use the "great new pattern" thing mainly to trade with. There are 2 very extensive threads that describe it all.
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