Low volatility markets?

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    thanks pkts,

    Also I have another question that is puzzling me. I had a trade on wheat earlier today and was filled and had a gain. My entry was 1265 and I put my order to exit all positions at around 1259. It executed immediately then I saw I had a loss @ 1269 exit. I never saw my window tick up to 1269 and my chart does not show any action @1269 at that time. I put a screen shot up below. I realize it was a market order but wouldn't it show up on the chart and shouldn't I have seen this when I put the order. You can see in the chart the exit is way above where W was trading and it shows no wick up to the exit? This happened to me twice today on on a entry and on this exit.



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    I need more details. What time and direction (long/short)? Were you filled on your stop or a profit target? Where was the stop?

    If Wheat never went there then you have a good argument with Tradestation. Check the time and sales for the bar/candle where you got stopped out and see if it traded to your stop price.

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    From your attachment I'm guessing you were shorting at 1265 with a 1269 stop and you got stopped out?

    If you entered at the green bar with the -1 stop market above it, it looks like second red bar to the right (with the big tail) might have stopped you out at 1269? Check the time and sales on that bar. I don't have my system up so can't check the time and sales.

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    I did not get stopped out it was a market order. When I check the sales info for that bar, it tells me there was a high of 1260 no where near the 1269 that I was filled at. That is the part that is confusing me. I understand that because it was a market order it could have been executed anywhere but what confuses me is the chart shows no sales at that price for that time.
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    Its too hard for me to know exactly what you are talking about without specifics. Frankly, I NEVER use market orders due to slippage especially with the grains and their crazy movements. But, I don't understand....where was the market when you got filled?

    Look at your time of fill and then see what occured on the time and sales within 5-10 seconds and see what the range was. Then call/email tradestation. Worst slippage I have seen even in overnight was 6-8 ticks unless you weren't trading the front month? What was the spread? Are you tradin March or May?

    If you can't find the time and sales tell me the time of fill (and time zone) and I might check in the morning.

    But basically, it looks like a typo to me...you should have been filled at 59 not 69. Bitch to Tradestation.

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    I checked the time and sales and the order is there. Looks like the Charts did not pick it up but it took a jump to take me out. Ouch..there goes another lesson...No more Market orders

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  7. look at oats.it follows the other grains pretty well and is alot calmer.

    you could also look at livestock-hogs,cattle are my top 2
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  8. ya stay outta wheat buddy, everybody at one point or another learns expensive lessons doing is. I've learned plenty :) Keep your head up don't let the day to day flucuations bother you (good or bad) and read read read read read, chart chart chart chart chart. Youll be fine, as for a low volatility market one i make my coin at is livestock marketts minus bellies. I trade spreads, I dont think I'vve taken an outright position in a livestock market since last summer.
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  9. and hang around thesae boards and talk to people some good guys are nazzdack, proflogic, shagi, youngtrader,nickleesonjr andmany others (if I didnt mention you dont be offended lol)
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, I will be looking at these markets I look at wheat and the moves make you think you can make all your money here and when you know what you are doing I am sure you can but I have accepted that I still don't. I need a lower volatility market. I have spent at least an hour a day reading post's here and will continue to do so. Thanks again everyone..
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