low trading volume continues

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. Finding the grey area around them I can live with.

    This is pretty black and white ...
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  3. It is nice to see that age hasn't affected your memory ...
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    nitro :D
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    it depends on the sector I think.
    but I know what you mean metoxx. it's bad at times.
    that's also why I don't use market orders. with limits it's possible to know when the specialist sits on the rulebook ready to rob you.
    I also like to test being sold to on the bid first..
    bottom line, I try to figure out if the market (and the specialist) will allow me to take some profits too. when that's not the case (and you gave an example) I just move on, and like this week, I trade a lot less on that side of the operations.

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  6. All limit orders at the current market; and it is not like something is happening.

    I am beginning to feel like they don't want to play with me ...
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  7. I've had that happen a lot with some NYSE stocks (and I only trade large cap). It sucks. Feels like you are sitting on the side and the action is passing you buy. It seems to be totally specialist specific though. With other issues, the specialist seem so nice, I wonder how they make money! :D That latter is more of an exception though :(
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  8. You are right, the other times I get price improvement ...
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    I get sometimes the similar treatment playing with $5 mini Dow – except that the offer is moved as soon as I hit Buy.
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  10. Is there a print in T/S?
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