low trading volume continues

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Sep 11, 2002.

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    hehe ! I agree.
    if you are talking about this september. well, this week for me on some systems and operations. but likely due to low volume and 'wait and see' mood.
    I sure hope volume will be back next week. don't care about direction, just come back !
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  3. Have we really got several NYSE traders on one thread at the same time? Cool.

    Yes, the volume is the pits. The floor owns the market right now. It's a brave new world, I suppose, so maybe old patterns will change, but I expect the order flow to come back, so I can get on with making a living.

    Would my listed associates be willing to put in a paragraph that describes your style? Here's mine:

    I'm not really a <i>scalper</i>, but I usually only hang on for the first push. When there's order flow it pays. When the order flow is slow, the floor owns the trade and it's basically a coin toss. Seems like position trading is about the only thing that works in those cases.

    I watch around 120 stocks, and together they give me a feel for breadth and tone and whatever else you want to call it. I actually trade about 20 issues on the average day, and lately I've zeroed in on one or two that seem to make up most of my volume on a given day.

    I dream of becoming a position trader. I regularly add size in active, real markets. I definitely want to trade commodities and currencies again.
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  4. Just so we are clear; 10.25 X 10.30, buying the 30 with less than the posted size, sits there for 30 to 60 seconds, they move the market to offered 35. no fill, and no fill on T/S that someone else got.

    weird ...
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  5. me too. it happens literally dozens of times a day to me. Maybe more. Put the MKT in and get filled at .50, too, sometimes.
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  6. I think the NYSE people need a refresher course in the rulebook ...
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  7. that would be a good start! They might call it, "Rules, how to follow them," instead of, "Rules, how to get around them."
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    This does not happen to me.

    What stocks do you have this happen to you in?

    I trade huge stocks like GE, JPM, C, WMT, TGT, KO, HD, TXN, MU, FRE, FNM etc etc?? I never trade NASDAQ [rarely anyway - once in a while AMD against INTC] - if it doesn't trade a million minimum a day, I don't touch it.

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  9. That has been happening to me all the time for quite a while ...
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  10. Listed, NYSE; what symbols, I don't recall.

    We just trade numbers; remember ...
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