Low Profile Dual Head PCI

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cmk, May 27, 2005.

  1. cmk


    I have a low profile dell machine (about 3 years old) at another location that I want to add a dual monitor card to. It is a skinny machine, so it needs a low profile card.

    Anyone know of any decent low profile dual head cards that will fit in here? I have a feeling that it has a PCI and maybe an AGP slot open, both half height. Thanks
  2. JayS


  3. just21


    Matrox g550 is low profile, as well as the quad qid.
  4. Farside


    Also, look on Ebay. Quad Matrox G220 mms cards run about $150. You could also use an Nvidia or ATI PCI card, and they run about $70.
  5. cmk


    Yeah i dont need a quad card that is more expensive than the machine it is put into...........

    maybe the best thing to do is just put in a single video card and use the existing card as well for two monitors.
  6. cmk