Low options commisions

Discussion in 'Options' started by xpstrader, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. Who's got the best rate for options if I trade 500 to 1000 contracts a day?
  2. Why don't you just buy a membership on the P-Coast?
    Hell, you can lease for free out there, if you will just pay the monthly dues.

    Besides, you would have us believe that you are currently doing 500 to 1000 contracts/day and have done no firm v. firm research? Yeah, right.
  3. we have a pit trader looking for work..............there will be pit traders flooding the online market soon...and they are great traders
  4. I think you mean options on 500 to 1000 shares of stock.

    An options contract covers 100 shares of stock. So if you're trading options on 500 to 1000 shares of stock you would only be trading 5 to 10 options contracts.

    If this is what you mean, Interactive Brokers is most likely the cheapest commissions you will find. They charge $1 commission per options contract.
  5. No, 500 to 1000 contracts.
  6. We use a small firm that is less expensive than IB; PM me if you want an introduction ...