Low latency, machine-readable news feeds

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  1. I missed this topic entirely. Could someone please jumpstart me here.

    I see affordable feeds for a retail trader (starting from $1000/mo and up) on google.

    I understand you cant get ahead of big firms with that. So you are never going to be 1st, 10th or even 1000th to trade on the news..

    However I am still interested in this.

    I want to figure details because I would like to ask narrow questions to the providers I mentioned in the beginning to see if they really have it done properly or it is just repackaged and retail-sold Reuters feed.

    My question - where do the news come from?

    For example. EIA weekly report. I guess it comes from EIA (right?)

    But how this works exactly?

    Does EIA (and other government bodies) have a private API accessible to big firms and news agencies where they push raw data? (anyone knows the location by the way - EIA access point?)

    Or do they all just parse pdf document from EIA website? (I mean it would be bizarre but I've seen a few bizarre things before). Or perhaps EIA wires them all the pdf through a separate network?

    Do the smaller news feeds buy wholesale from big feeds and disseminate to retail users or do they have independent access to EIA feed?
  2. dont bother
  3. I am not going to trade it. I just need to know how it works. If you have any information please share..