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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Kruder, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Kruder


    I have been highly successful recently trading from a small account. I am up 50% on my money so far in 2 months.

    I had previously tried trading in 2004 and didnt do well at all. I was trading an inheritance, guess the losses just didnt register like they should. Now im great with risk management and position control because it's "real money".

    Ive noticed my day trades are actually some of my most profitable trades. But due to the PDT rule im limited to how often I can do this...which is frustrating to say the least.

    So I'm thinking of prop trading as an option around this. Because let's face it even with a 50k account being classified as PDT is for life not sure I'd want to risk that classification.

    Wondering if anyone here had experiences with these firms and what the costs were like per month? Personally I'd rather have lowest possible transaction fees and costs. Training isnt important to me really...im already making money on a consistent basis.
  2. akdrmeb


    open a futures account. no pdt.
  3. Kruder


    Studying hurricanes and crop reports, dont have much experience with that sort of thing.

    Of course it's likely I'd find a few like oil and gold im pretty good with trading.

    But for the most part my ability to find crappy companies and short; or to find good companies and go long. I'm much better at that so I would like to stay in equities and options.

    Although I would like to dabble with futures eventually.
  4. Nexen


    Mistake alert, trading futures for the wrong reasons.