Low cost software for Dax futures ?

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  1. Hi, I need to get volume data and number bars information from Dax futures.

    Currently I am using sierra chart for this, paying $ 81 per month , including software + data from Eurex etc.

    There is any cheaper option than this ? I am not trading right now, I am using this for study purposes.

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    who is your broker ? I think for what you need AMP futures might be the right firm. I dont know if you need Sierra pack 3 or 5. Pack 3 is free with AMP futures, pack 5 is 25 USD per month. Eurex fee is something like 15 US$.
    So the maximum you would pay with this solution would be 40 USD per month, if pack 3 is enough for you it would only be 15 US$ per month. They also have pretty low account minimums, which might also be a plus in your situation.

    Hope this helps you a bit :)
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    I used to subscribe to Telequote from HK years ago.
    it was relatively cheap.
    Not sure if they still provide this service.
    go and contact them
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  4. I´m paying $ 33 for Sierra pack 5 + $ 21 for EUREX data feed + $ 25 for exchange data feed.
    I don´t understand why I have to pay the $ 25 exchange data feed, since I´m paying the $ 21 Eurex data feed ?

    I dont have a broker yet, I live in Brazil. By the way, sorry for my bad english.
  5. I will take a look. But do you think they offer market data from EUREX ?
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    I can guarantee you that they offer market data from Eurex.
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    Who is your broker ? 25$ exchange data feed and 21$ eurex data feed, that sounds strange... eurex data feed is your exchange data feed !

    Maybe those 25$ exchange data feed fee is for exchanges that you dont really need (CME bundle or something else ... ) ?
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  8. ok, thanks
  9. I dont have a futures broker...I just need the data in sierra chart and I open my orders in another plataform in a forex broker. I made the sierra chart subscription in their website.
    I dont know what is this $ 25 exchange data. I will contact sierra chart.
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