Low cost mobile solution PDA vs. Smartphone?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gordo, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. gordo


    After reading through a few of the posts here, and not being up on handheld tech. solutions, I am wondering what a good low cost option would be for mobile trades as a complimentary tool in my trading.

    As I said, I've read some of the previous posts, and it looks like some significant advances in small/handheld pc's might be coming in the near future. So I don't want to make a large purchase in that regard, until after some of the possible releases.

    What I need is something that let's me keep track of some charts, quotes, and do some work on other things when not at my desktop or laptop.

    My current setup is:

    Primary - Dell P4 desktop with multi monitor.

    Secondary - Pentium M laptop, often used in dual monitor mode, with Verizon USB720 Aircard and unlimited monthly data. (Main mobile computing needs, and when I am visiting family for instance.)

    Cell phone - Some basic LG flip phone with basic Verizon monthly service plan. It's on a 2-year contract that I signed in July 07'.

    Since I have a year left on my cell phone, I would prefer to wait until it expires before going with a new smartphone plan if possible. The Sprint Simply Everything plan looks interesting as a smart phone option, if it does cover everything for $99.

    I knew nothing about teathering cell phones to laptops and desktops when I signed up for my Aircard. So what I am interested in doing is possibly A) opening a ThinkorSwim account and using their mobile trading tools for some charting and a few trades when I'm not at my desk or can't use my laptop or B) looking into options to run IB TWS to fill my light trading needs.

    I have seen what appear to be some decent deals on Dell Axim x51v pda's, and wonder if something like this could work in a way that I would not be tied to a wi-fi hotspot. It would be nice to be able to just put something in my pocket that would allow me to check some charts, post to my blog, etc. while running errands and spending time with the horses at the barn with my girlfriend.

    Your help is appreciated.