Low cost intraday data feed for Multicharts?

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    Hi there
    I am a relative newbie who up to know has only swing traded stocks using Telechart EOD. I want to move to trading futures too, and start using intraday data. After considering the trading software out there, it looks like Multicharts is the one for me.

    Being that i am only able to trade part-time and that I have done very little intraday market analysis as yet. I'll need some time to get used the new platform (i'm new to data management as Telecharts does all this automatically)and then to develop and test strategies based on intraday data across a range of markets. I know of some characteristics of some markets, but have not yet had a chance to study enough myself to define what i want to trade.

    Given the above, i wanted to try and avoid setting myself up with a rather large monthly bill made up of exchange fees and RT data costs. So i chose to use Multicharts (as this has the flexibility and functionality i want) coupled with the new esignal On demand (delayed data) package. Seems esignal's reliability is questionable, but as i would only be using the data for strategy development rather than RT trading, this wouldn't be such a problem, plus i'd get data on loads of markets for just $25pm. Once i've done some background work my intention would be to move to a more reliable live feed such as IQFEED.

    PROBLEM - multicharts do not support the use of esignal's intraday data for historical charts. Have spoke to their support and was told i should only be considering a live feed. They weren't interested in advising me of any other options.

    Can anyone give me any advice on how to acheive a good value set up of intraday data on Multicharts for my research period?

    At the moment, looks lik i have 2 options
    1 - Pay for RT data for as long as it takes me to do the legwork - could be a while given i have to work too.
    2 - Use esignal's platform (free with their delayed data package) for the background work until ready to go live. Only problem with this is that when ready to goe live, i'd then need to move to a more reliable feed, and so would need to leanr a new platform again and then set up all my settings, etc onto it.

    All help much appreciated.

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    open an account with IB
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    I have one. They don't have that much historic data do they?
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    Thanks Tum, but they only hold 6 months historic data.

    Have you or anyone got any other ideas?
  5. You can use OEC's data also.
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  7. OEC ( Open E Cry ) has a demo setup for 25.00 a month. all intraday data ( futures) and charting.

    Then just use the data into multicharts.
    When you are ready to go live , open an account and drop the demo cost.
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    That's cool. Don't suppose you know how much historic data they hold?
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    Cheers Tikitrader. Thanks will check them out.
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