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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by C-Town Mike, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Hello All,

    I've been a long-time occasional viewer of this site, but I thought I'd join to ask for help with narrowing down my options for a (new) trading platform. What I'm looking for seems simple, but it's not as easy to find as I thought.

    I'm looking for a low-cost charting/trading platform for futures that will plot candles by volume instead of time. Meaning, it plots a new candle whenever 5000 contracts trade, rather than one every 5 minutes for example. Once I got used to it I can't go back to 1-min, 5-min etc.

    Web-based is preferable, but I can live with installed software if I have to.

    Day/evening session highlighting or otherwise visually different at a glance.

    I don't do any scripting or need anything too fancy. Simple drawing tools, multiple timeframes on the same layout. Basically what I assume the basics all platforms will have.

    I know Sierra Chart will do this, but I'm looking for alternatives.

    Tradingview is almost ideal, but as far as I can tell it won't do the volume candles.

    Thanks in advance
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    NinjaTrader has them, I am sure many others out there do.
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  4. MotiveWave

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    MotiveWave has them.

  5. Thanks, that looks very promising. I'd need at least the Trade level package, correct? It looks like more $$$ to get a lower level and add the module, yes? Unless I'm missing something.
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    Volume Candles are part of the Trade Edition, so you wouldn't need any add-on Modules for that. You can create the free trial and then email Sales to have you switched over to the Trade Edition for the trial to test it out.
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    If you have a brokerage account or market data feed that NinjaTrader supports, you can use NinjaTrader for free to do what you want.
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    Multicharts.NET from AMP has volume bars and is free.