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  1. Hi
    I want to get in to automated trading but don't want to put a huge amount of money to get started.

    I don't mind writing code to get my system working.

    prefer a broker that works on spread and has small contract sizes.

    Also would like to back test, or try out on a demo account.

    What are the options out there.
    And is there a good web site for comparing them.

    An help would be appreciate.
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    Have you used Interbank? No problems? Also, I can't see where the platform allows back testing... Do you know if it does?

    Thanks very much for this tip! :)
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    Yes, I've used it some. I had no problems but you might want to check out a script developer's forum at http://www.strategybuilderfx.com and see what others are saying.

    re backtesting:
    I'm pretty sure they have some level of backtesting but I've never used it... check the developers forum - probably get some good info there.

    good luck
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    Look at OANDA. You can trade non-standard lot sizes and can develop against their API. Only drawback is that they charge for their API, but they discount the fee based on your volume. If you trade $6 million round trip USD units the API is free for the month.

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  6. You should try the Oanda's API. I am sure that it will help you a lot on automatic trading.
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    :) Thanks all for the input...
  8. Interactive Brokers

    they are ideal to get started and the monthly costs while developing your system are quite acceptable.

    And stay away from FX for scalping / short timeframe, it is a very hard game to break into, there are easier ones out there.

    vital analitics
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    Thanks! So I've come to realize... :^)
  10. Thanks for all the comments and help.

    I'm trying interbank now.

    Its very good but finding the coding difficult.

    Cheers:D :D :D
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