low-cost charting software?

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good, low cost charting software. I'm a position trader looking for good historical charts with a large suite of technical indicators and the capability to display several indicator panes. Backtesting not necesary.

    I've heard amibroker and Quotetracker are good - any comments?
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    Sierra Charts is a llittle powertool, inexpensive, uses mytrack data which is cheap. It has been years since I last used it but I was impressed. It has an Excel feature that you can program with any indicator and display it in a chart.

    If you make 10 trades per month in a futures account with Tradestation their software is free and YM data is free as well. You have to tie up $5k in the account to do that but if you can make some bucks trading the YM it's all very good.
  3. Thanks maxpi. How does Sierra Charts compare to amibroker for charts? Sorry, what's YM??
  4. I suggest MyTrack for $5.00 per month ....hard to beat for research (delayed quotes of course, but who cares for research).


  5. Where did you find this thing about TradeStation? I use TS and would like to hook up with SierraChart for free...

  6. Thanks Don. I take it MyTrack is has accurate and reliable delayed and historical futures data.
  7. For straight historical data I use the www.cme.com - go right to the source.

  8. YM...is the e-mini contract for DJI...Dow Jones Aveg.
  9. Thanks for the translation rateesquad
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