Low Cost API's ?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by comintel, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Of the API's that are available through a wide variety of brokers, it looks to me as if Cunningham T4 API and Rithmic R|API are the main two API's that are very low cost to use for low-volume automated trading.

    It seems that Trading Technologies and CQG are too expensive for me to use in this low-end context.

    Is this roughly correct, or am I missing some things?

    I want full access to all exchange-defined and implied contracts and futures options at ICE and other exchanges.

    If I am right, what are some pros and cons of Rithmic API versus Cunningham T4 API (or other alternatives)?

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    I have never heard of Cunningham or Rithmic. I assume you are a shill.
  3. Look at the sponsor banner at the top of this forum or search/read some posts.
  4. IB is still the very best (and free).

    There are many losers and scammers around. Beware.
    Some will (try to) charge for API, and some arrive to (try to) charge for "conformity" testing. ahah

    Plain business stupidity. Automated systems generate thousand $$$ in commissions for the broker, and attract new clients.
    Those who try to speculate on developers' efforts (instead of taking good care of them and kiss their ass averyday) are just losers, doomed to bankrupt.

  5. The vendors you mentioned seem to offer high frequency solutions. This is usually more expensive. Check whether you really need that for start.

    IB has excellent technical support for a variety of platforms (Java, C++, ActiveX / .NET, DDE)

    IMHO more important than finding the right Broker/API is IMHO to have the right methodology:

    1) Do backtesting extensively. Understand your systems behaviour in different market conditions thruoutly.

    2) Then run your system for quite some time on a paper trading account

    3) Start with small money on a productive account and increase when you are comfortable with your systems behaviour

    4) Incrementally improve your systems robustness (e.g. for high availability if needed)
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    speaking to IB support is like running maraphon with a melon up your ar$e.

    and who is shill here?