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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by LowRisk, Sep 5, 2007.

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    IB's unbunddled rates are pretty low for a retail firm. Does anyone know of any other firm(s) with even lower commissions. No day trading firms please.
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    You can open a retail account yourself with Assent and Genesis and get rates that match or beat what IB offers. I am not talking about day trading firms. Both these companies will open accounts for the little guy, not just prop firms. In fact, Genesis has a division that does $3 trades using the same Laser platform. Plus, the platforms they use are superior to the IB TWS platform.
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    I called both firms and they all required you to trade millions of shares to get lower rates. Any other suggestions? BTW, both Genesis and Assent are day trading firms.
  4. Not true.
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    TS has exact futures comms as IB and has a the best charting.
    Although I am personally looking for $3 all in including plat n dat and I do 500 sides a day.

  6. Were you on the phone? Did you hear the conversation? I think not...so zip your trap!

    Once you've been around a while, you'll realize that two people can call the same firm, and get drastically different quotes for the same volume.
  7. www.zecco.com free trades
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    I was looking to trade stocks only and IB offers $3.5/1000 unbundled for monthly volumes less than 300,000.

    I'm not instigating a fight here but can you and Longhorns be more specific as of what part of my previous post wasn't true?
    Can either firms be IB's deal for that kind of volume? Maybe the people I spoke with tried to rip me off.
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