Low Commissions when starting out.

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Bogwaluth, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. I currently pay .01 per side. When I added up all my costs, my trading in the past 2 months put me down $2500. -$210 from trading........ -$2290 from commissions.

    So, without costs, I'd be ok....so here's the rub. How does a newbie trading 100 shares get a good deal? I know high volume equals low rates.

    The "Head Trader" at my firm says the only way to learn is to trade alot. I am starting to believe that while this is true, he just wants to cut his costs. At this firm 1m a month is .005, which I gather is high compared to other firms.

    I know I have to trade to learn, but if I get beat by the juice before I learn.....game over.

    I should probably stop real trading and just use the demo. At least I would lose money while learning what to do. Any thoughts? And thanks to all who have helped me out through all this.

  2. Go to Swifttrade, get trained for free, then go to another firm after.