low comission brokers for penny stocks

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  1. I trade low priced stocks, can you introduce me most low comission brokers?
  2. it depends on your position size

    if you are enough big look at MBtrading

  3. Choicetrade is $5 per trade.
  4. MB is 4.95? If bigger position size, more cheapper?
    choice is $5, so still expensive.
  5. bank of america is advertising 30 free trades a month with 25K account but you probably will have to use limit orders.
  6. only30 trade, so I must use only 1 day trading.
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    Take a look at zecco.com, of which the following is from their website:

    "You can make up to 10 trades in any one day up to a total of 40 trades a month at no cost, and after that you only have to pay a paltry $3.50 per stock trade."

    The minimum account value is $2,500, and there are no inactivity fees.
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    not a big fan of sogo, but I use it for penny stocks
    1$ per trade for first 90 days
    1.50 per trade there after for 15$ a month
    else 3$ per trade

    * For trades above 5000 shares, the commission cost is the regular commission plus $0.005 for each share above 5000.

    * For stocks priced less than $1, an additional fee of 1/2 of 1% of principal value applies. http://www.sogoinvest.com/Home/ExampleTradesStocksUnder1.aspx

    No minumum for account http://www.sogoinvest.com/Home/CompareUs.aspx


    Other Brokers:


    [No idea on these:]



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