Low budget real-time data?

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  1. Up to this moment I've been using Metastock with eod data downloaded from MSN Money with ML Downloader. However, MSN Money do provide real-time data, but upon downloading ML Downloader just replaces the last intraday quote with a new one.

    I'm looking for a software that's able to download real-time data from MSN Money, but most softwares seems to be outdated or locked to Yahoo. It doesn't matter if the quotes are delayed or only updated every 10 minutes, what I'm looking for is low budget real-time quotes.
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    Which broker do you use?
  3. Uhm ... does it matter?
  4. http://www.qmatix.com/XLQ.htm lets you export historical and realtime data from both yahoo and msn into Excel.

    You can then manipulate and save the data, then CSV re-import it in whatever other software you want to work on it.
  5. Sounds a little bit tricky. It must something more simple and straight forward?
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  7. But as far as I understand it, QuoteTracker doesn't store quotes in Metastock format?

    Also, even if the real time feed is cheap, I don't really understand why there isn't a program that downloads intraday quotes for free when there are plenty of eod programs. Seems odd.