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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by trader59, Nov 8, 2006.

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    I trade from out of the country and often have bandwidth issues. I use several packages now and some seem to have a bigger "lag" than others.
    Anyone know which quote or charting vendor and software combination would be the safest for low bandwidth?
  2. Ameritrade/QT is actually probably the best combo. Since the datafeed is consolidated streaming, it can easily be used on a dialup connection

    thats not an endorsement, and not if you need futures

    hope your not daytrading on that connection
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    Actually, I am daytrading and the problem costs me big time. Do I have to actually place trades at Ameritrade to use their quotes? Will I get all the symbols at the same time or just a quote or couple of quotes at a time? How about bid/ask h/l/c etc.? I actually need a full platform like Esignal, just the one that uses the least bandwidth.
  4. No offense, but you are crazy to day trade without high speed bandwidth. Don't do it, you will get smoked, by others like me that trade with a minimum of 6 meg down. If I day traded stocks, which I don't only futures, I will be in front of you every time. Try doing a ping test, your latency will be ridicuoulsy bad.
  5. u can try mbtrading, as i used them for backup when high speed was down, quotes ok with 56K modem - they have a demo u can try for free
  6. trader59, QuoteTracker is a full featured platform that can use various sources for quotes,
    TD Ameritrade and eSignal included. For using Ameritrade quotes, you have to have an account with them. Whether you place trades with them or not is up to you.
    QT lets you trade with multiple brokers from the same interface, so potentially, you could get quotes from Ameritrade and trade with Ameritrade, IB, RML, or any other broker that is supported for trading in QT, or place the trades through the broker's native interface.