Low amount of advertisers ?!

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  1. Baron,

    I only count 23 advertisers , it used to be much more...have you raised prices or is business slow ?
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  3. Baron

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    We do have fewer advertisers than before but they are the highest quality group we've ever had. The ones that you see come and go are almost always the smallest advertisers. We do what we can to help them, but it many cases, they just don't have the budget to stick around for as long as it takes to build a reputation.
  4. Hè just said it :

    "I have fewer girls but they are of the highest quality"
  5. unfortunately the entire site has nosedived in terms of posts, quality and otherwise--- Its definitely the influx of the forex army types that is the cause of the decline. I warned awhile ago about this, now it is happening. Too bad. I got much value from elite over the years, but now its a shadow of its former glory.

  6. could be the reason ....traffic to the site is stable


    are there more forex advertisers then before the downfall ?
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  8. Yes, i have empirical evidence proving that the influx of second and third tier economy "traders" attracted to elitetrader by the forex content are the root cause of the sites decline--- these folks read the site, get frustrated at their lack of success/ability then move onto non forex threads posting nonsense and stiring up trouble. BAN THE FOREX THREADS NOW>
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    Could contribute too, but it is increased competition (look how many new trading sites are there) and the fact that it is way more difficult to make a living daytrading/trading than 5 years ago. That cuts down on traffic, less traffic means less advertisements....
  10. Pekelo can you name some of these sites. thanks
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