Lovelorn Astronaut needs some slack.

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    Well she went about it the wrong way. Shooting pepper spray in a rivals face is not the best way to get ones attention. If Lisa did not spray the other gal there would have been no arrest etc. This gal was separated from husband, for whatever reasons we do not know and really do not care. The gal was nothing less than seeing a desperate situation becoming even worse if indeed the rival gal won the man.

    Driving a few hundred miles to confront a rival is not a crime. without the pepperspray this would be no big deal and NO crime committed. Bad judgement yes.

    Best to keep spacesuits zipped up, same for office flings, etc.

    When you mess around, expect things to get messy. bad deal for everyone, especially the gal seeing her life blow up and was desperate to save her future. Now it just became a bit harder to swim across the channel.
  2. what I don't understand is why is she concerned with love in the first place

    she is an astronaut, she can masturbate in space

    what does she need a man for

    I mean lets face it, she can get a way better pleasure from space EM fields

    am I right or am I right

    (PS I didn't sleep for 24 hr)
  3. oh my god its gonna be so funny if NASA lets her go up again

    and hyperversals read her mind again and learn what she did

    man oh man, talk about primitive need for relationships

    especially for women

    this is especially primitive for those flybys that are already asexual
  4. Well, yes and no. Developments this morning:

    "In court Tuesday in Florida, Shipman filed a request for a protective order against Nowak, asking that Nowak be prohibited from going within 500 feet of her. In the handwritten request, she described Nowak as ''acquaintance of boyfriend,'' but did not identify the man. She said Nowak had stalked her for two months."

    If I am aware that someone is stalking me for 2 months... then that person confronts me at 1 am in a deserted airpot parking lot, which happens to be 900 miles from the city where I know she lives... and she wants to get into my car... you bet I am calling the cops. With a clear probable cause, she and her (way) out-of-state vehicle get searched... the "collection" of freshly bought stuff is discovered... there's your arrest. Stalking is a serious crime.

    Sure, the pepper spray thing didn't exactly help. On the other hand, Shipman was about to drive off and Nowak had her Orlando home address and directions, so an escalation was probably inevitable. If anything, we can reasonably speculate that the ineffective use of pepper spray was fortunate: it quickly ended the encounter, likely preventing the situation from potentially getting much worse, for both of them.
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    did she drive all that way in diapers..can someone verify this..i heard it was so she didnt have to stop...cmon are u to me..:confused:
  6. I bet you all it will come out that she is suffering from bipolar disorder. NASA Astronauts are the cream of the crop in every way . This lady is not some nut job. It HAS to be a chemical imbalance.
  7. Yeah. Astronauts wear diapers. John Glenn for the third time now. I didn't know it eithere. But she was just using her training.
  8. Unless she was driving a vehicle custom-fitted with auxiliary rocket boosters, um, fuel tanks, she obviously would have had to stop for gas at least once or twice on that 900-mile trip from Houston to Orlando.

    Oh, and all the media just love to say the word "diapers" a million times. They are not "diapers"; they are NASA-issue UCDs, Urine Collection Devices, slightly more high-tech than what you'd find at your local Wal-Mart.
  9. Nah...actually quite normal behavior for women. Obviously you haven't met any of my ex-girlfriends.

    The diaper thing is a new one though...I mean, c'mon now...