LOVE TradeStation!!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bmills313, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. I just funded my TS account and get the TS software free for the next 3 months and I must say that I LOVE IT!!

    It does so many things, the indicators are fantastic, the tabbed workspaces are super and so many other things. We'll see how they do with execution when I get to live trading but as an analysis and data-provider I must say that it has way exceeded my expectations and I've just been getting to know the ropes for the past 3 days.

    Looking forward to what else it can do!!
  2. That software is an example of how long it takes to get something right. It started in the earliest days of the PC. I had Supercharts in 1998, TS2000 when it came out, and used TS8 a couple of years ago... now they need to fix up the interface from the software to the brokerage, when I used it I thought it useless because my strategy could not get basic brokerage information like the order status and whatnot...
  3. Surdo


    I hope you make lots of dough, they do have nice colorful charts!

    Good luck using TS as an executing broker.
    Just be aware of their data feed, it is delayed by a good 2 or 3 seconds in a busy market, today was a joke. Compare the TS Matrix to Ninja Trader Zen-Fire feed if you wanna' see how stale TS data is with your own two eyes.

    Make sure you have a back up broker for emergencies, they don't answer the phones when the platform takes a nap.

    I can not reiterate the need for a second broker enough times!
    You will thank me when TS goes down and you have a large position on and nowhere to turn.
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    Placing new futures trades online before 8.30 am EST is not possible, only exiting positions. This is no good for Europeans who like to trade in the morning, say from 8 am CET on, which is 2 am at TS in Florida. They don't even accept phone orders before 8.30 am EST.

  5. What's the pricing for ZenFire - I went to their website and they have no information. Thanks for any info!