Love Thy Neighbor: The Mirth, Charity, and Kindness of Lucrum.

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  1. What follows is a number of quotes from Lucrum's posts over the past four days.

    “We actually have a significant number of delusional partisan hacks in this forum.”

    “Exactly, Obama's failed economic policies are simply dragging the former producers down to to the parasite class level.”

    “He's right, but he and his elk fail to consider the percentage of whites receiving welfare vs the percentage of blacks. There are simply more whites to begin with.”

    “Does he even have a brain?”

    “You toss your gay brothers salad.”

    “I'm somewhat open minded to UFO's/ET. But like ghosts, I'm going to have to actually see one. Up close and personal.”

    “You're arguing with a devout communist who wears the communist manifesto on a string around his neck. He lives on a web site devoted to capitalism, preaching the evils of individual profit success and wealth. AND he has no interest in trading the markets.”

    “Fuck'em, they wanted more government intrusion/regulation. Let them eat cake.”

    \“A response that all but guarantees you are part of the welfare/entitlement/parasite/affirmative action class.”

    “NO moron, we (all) lost because the parasite/welfare/entitlement class and their bleeding heart liberal cheerleaders now outnumber the responsible tax payers PERIOD.”

    “I haven't gotten, or even asked, for a wage increase in probably 5 years.”

    “When you're done laughing, just stay on the floor. It's where you belong.”

    “No, moron.”

    ”And you have shit for brains.”

    “You're right of course. Though I doubt few if any of our bleeding hearts are objective enough to realize it.”

    “AGAIN - Think before you post moRON. You're so utterly desperate to impress The foolish and impressionable with "knowledge" you don't even posses. That you only embarrass yourself over and over”
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    This thread is ground breaking, you should sell your brilitant research to CNN, under the pseudonoym "Encylopedia Brown"
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  4. Max E.

    Max E.

  5. lol. and i bet he watches and likes honey bo bo on tv because it reminds him of his relatives.
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    Congratulations, according to one of your own you are now officially a coward.

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    Oh...and how much would you like to bet? Name your price, I'll cover it.
  8. Only issue I have with Lucrum is that he is spending too much time posting here instead of building his plane and posting progress reports. C'mon get mocing on what is important!
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    Isn't that the truth.
  10. I bet Lucrum's plane once flying will only be able to make right turns!
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