Love this VIX rocket !

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  1. CALLumbus


    This was the funniest day for good old fashioned scalpers since what... 2008 ?

    Who needs videogames with this kind of action, lol ?

    Hope many of you guys (and girls, greetings to NQ-queen Xela :) ) made some good profit today.

    Have a great evening and good night you all, I am outa here for today now.

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  2. KeLo


    Hi CALLumbus:
    The VIX ended up + 115%. Not many days like this. It did remind me a bit of 2008-2009 intraday, etc.

    On this kind of day, you really need a fast platform. Step up vendors.

    And people were complaining about IB's high VIX margins. Maybe now they understand why...
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  3. +1 KeLo, TDA charts got out of wack late in the day. No surprise though, vaguely recall it doing the same thing during those Obama budget shutdown days, Greece/EU financial showdown days, flash crash day, probably did the night of the election but I didn't happen to have their charts open!
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  4. BTW, speaking of VIX, I was long +1 /VXH8 at 17.90 at 3:48est, took it off 5 minutes later for $800. 30 minutes later, damn thing was up $10k!
  5. KeLo


    Election night was crazy! My platform was lagging badly. And it certainly lagged on the Flash Crash sell-off portion, but worked OK for the retracement trade. One of my platforms was also lagging badly today. I am looking to change that.
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  6. CALLumbus


    Had zero problems or lags today with both TT and Sierra Chart (CQG feed). Tradovate platform was too slow to keep up with the fast action, especially in NQ. But ok, NQ was really crazy today, 10 points up, 10 points down, sometimes within a second...
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  7. KeLo


    Thanks CALLumbus:

    I just started a TT demo, but you cannot really tell about RT executions from a simulation. It just allows you to get a feel for the platform.

    The NQ can really moooove... zoom, zoom.
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  8. CALLumbus


    I remembered what NoDoji wrote many years ago (February 2011), when CL was at highs over 100 USD, during the times of the arabian spring, that was very high volatility trading in CL back then, was also plenty of fun and truckloads of opportunities:

    I think we are in similar days now in ES and NQ, so I wish all you guys and girls good trading today, make good profits, take care of the risk and milk these high volatility days as much as you can.
  9. Awesome thread...lets keep it going!

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  10. destriero


    Pssst. You need a move in VIX to make the thread relevant. Probably not on a day with the SPX down less than a point. #clueless
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