Love this set up - Rising channel set up FormFactor, Inc. (NASDAQ:FORM)

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  1. Watch this stock next week.....

    "FormFactor, Inc. (NASDAQ:FORM) is on the way to test the $7 level again. The technical chart above shows that although the decline looks impressive in the short-term, it's still within a rising channel that started in December 2011. With the stock again above the 50-day moving average and stochastic moving up, it looks like the stock is heading for the top of the channel again ! If you are bullish on the stock now is a nice time to buy and aim for the most recent high. If the stock does continue the bullish trend stay above 5.8, the next important resistance is 7, this should be the max target for the short-term though a break above does open up more room to the upside. Additionally, the accumulation indicator shows the strength of conviction behind this Bullish trend. Lets keep an eye on it."

    Source : AC Investor Blog
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  2. Not bad. 10-15% swings. Of course, there are any charts like this with better volume.
    Check out DDD and CRUS. Much better volume and better 20% swings!:) I'm in both at the bottom of the channels and expect to exit today/tomorrow.
  3. Any more rising channels like that or better? It's what I do. Goal....10% per month.
  4. Just exited DDD and CRUS today. 15% profit on each in roughly 1 week. Crus reported after the close today and apparently crushed with guidance. $35 tomorrow. I exited at $29.85. Oh well.
  5. great call