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  1. I love the markets. I love the randomness, the headfakes, the (in all probability) manipulation, the unpredictability.

    These things are your friends, not your enemies. They keep average Joes out of the markets (once they've blown out their accounts). Hey, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

    People bitch about market manipulation and auto-trading bots. I say: learn their habits and front-run them. Use them and the anomalies they create to your advantage.

    Master yourself and your emotions, and all else will follow.
  2. mikasa


    sure I agree with you but when I have a drawdown of say 8 bad trades and have to skip few days of trading in order to verify edge still works

    those days are a bitch because it feels like I am wasting time

    at those time I don't like the game as much :)
  3. kana


    Will the game love you back is the question.

  4. How the hell could u have 8 losers in a row?

    If you do, tell me your set up. I'll take your opposite side=edge.
  5. mikasa


    for a moment I thought you opinion matters because you are some super good trader

    turns out

    did it ever occur to you that 8 loses in a row CAN AND DOES happen, did it ever occur to you what to do when it happens

    smarten up and don't post stupid stuff like you did in this thread

    forcing me to look you up to see if you are worth listening to
  6. Redneck



    mikasa (Cold) and I have had our differences – but think about what he’s saying

    That a trader can survive 8, 10, whatever loses in a row – is exactly what trading is all about

    Risk Management

  7. Mr J

    Mr J

    Randomness is only perceived.

    You should try to grasp an understanding of probability before you trade any further.
  8. Do you trade really?

    How the hell a real trader not know that 8 losers in a row is quite possible in trading... :confused:
  9. zdreg


    there is a rumor going around that in flipping coins 8 heads in a row is possible but 8 tails for ET posters are much less:D
  10. maxpi


    I loathed the idea of screen trading for the longest time so I worked on automation. Recently I started screen trading and wow, I look forward to it. I'm on the West Coast so I start early, I tip the coffee shop big to know that when I walk in they can start my breakfast and coffee, then I can make it back to the computer in time for the market.. I look forward to work, sometimes I'm awake an hour ahead of time... it does exhaust me, I only work a couple of hours and that's it for the day, most of the volatility is early on..
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